About Portage

Portage is a national, library-based research data management network that coalesces initiatives in research data management to build capacity and to coordinate activities better.

Portage, originally known as Project ARC, was launched in 2015 by the Canadian Association of Research Libraries (CARL) to contribute to the shared stewardship of research data and to address specific gaps in the national research data management infrastructure in Canada.

The aim of Portage is to coordinate and expand existing expertise, services, and infrastructure so that all academic researchers in Canada have access to the support they need for research data management. Portage operations are organized around two major components:

  1. Network of Expertise: Research Data Management (RDM) requires specialized knowledge and expertise, which is often missing within institutions and among researchers. Portage will provide access to a comprehensive set of resources, tools, and experts that will provide access to current, relevant, and trusted information about RDM.
  2. Infrastructure Platforms: Portage is working to connect the various infrastructure and service components needed for data management planning and a national preservation and discovery network.

Portage is managed by the Portage Director, governed by a Steering Committee, and guided by a set of fundamental principles, which encompass, among other things, inclusiveness, stewardship, openness, and respect for privacy.

Portage collaborates with many other stakeholders and partners in the research community to build capacity and to develop services and infrastructure. One of the first major products arising from this type of collaboration is the DMP Assistant, a national, bilingual tool for developing data management plans.

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