Portage is managed by the Portage Director with support from a national Secretariat and governance from the CARL Directors Portage Steering Committee (CDPSC) and the Portage Advisory Committee (PAC). Operational policies and procedures are set out in the Portage Business Plan.

CARL Directors Portage Steering Committee (CDPSC)

The CARL Directors Portage Steering Committee (CDPSC) sets directions, priorities, policies, and plans for Portage. CARL Directors Portage Steering Committee Terms of Reference. 

CARL Directors Portage Steering Committee Members:

  • Jonathan Bengtson –  Chair (CARL President – voting ex officio)
  • Larry Alford
  • Guylaine Beaudry
  • Catherine Steeves
  • Brett Waytuck
  • Pascal Calarco
  • Colleen Cook
  • Beth Sandore Namachchivaya
  • Vivian Lewis (CARL VP – non-voting ex officio)
  • Susan Haigh (CARL ED – non-voting ex officio)
  • Jeffrey Moon (Portage Director – non-voting ex officio)

Portage Advisory Committee (PAC)

The Portage Advisory Committee (PAC) works with the CARL Directors Portage Steering Committee on directions, policies, and priorities. Portage Advisory Committee Terms of Reference.

Portage Advisory Committee Members:

  • Steven Liss, Ryerson University –  Chair
  • Kevin Ashley, University of Edinburgh
  • Gohar Ashougian, Wilfrid Laurier University
  • Jonathan Bengtson, University of Victoria
  • Donna Bourne-Tyson, Dalhousie University
  • Charmaine Dean, University of Waterloo
  • Susan Haigh – CARL
  • Geoff Harder, University of Alberta
  • Jason Hlady, University of Saskatchewan
  • Mark Leggott, Research Data Canada
  • Vivian Lewis, McMaster University
  • Matthew Lucas, SSHRC
  • James Mackenzie, University of New Brunswick
  • Lori MacMullen, CUCCIO
  • Karina McInnis, University of Guelph
  • Jeffrey Moon, Portage Network
  • Robbin Tourangeau, Compute Canada
  • Nathalie Villeneuve, Université du Québec à Chicoutimi
  • Bo Wandschneider, University of Toronto
  • Rachel Zand, University of Toronto