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Research Data Management Guide

Educational modules produced at the UBC Library for graduate students, research assistants, and other researchers interested in improving their data management skills.

Modules are presented in a single guide and address the basics of data management plans, metadata and data documentation, data storage and security, and data sharing. All content is published under a creative commons license.

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Research Data Management Training for Health Researchers

A comprehensive website intended to provide advice and guidance to researchers on applying best practices to managing their research data.

Topics covered include an introduction to research data management, in addition to policy, planning, and best practices for managing data throughout the research data life cycle.

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Introduction to Research Data Toolkits

A suite of seven online toolkits developed to provide an introduction to research data in the visual arts.

Subjects covered include introductions to research data management and data management planning, how to avoid “a data disaster”, the discoverability and reuse of arts research data, and more.

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Data Management Course

A data management workshop series originally hosted in 2015 by the University of Minnesota. The course was designed for graduate student researchers to prepare themselves as “data information literate” scientists in the digital environment. All course materials are made available online.

Workshop sessions include subjects of how to store and back-up data, how to make data independently understandable, data ownership rights, sharing data, ethics of data reuse, and data preservation.

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RDM for Librarians

Training materials developed for a three-hour introductory research data management session for librarians, developed in collaboration with the University of Northampton as part of the Digital Curation Center institutional engagement programme. Content is provided as PowerPoint slides and as a handbook, both of which are published under a creative commons license.

Course subjects include an introduction to research data and its management, data management planning, data sharing, and skill development.

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Finnish Data Archive Data Management Guidelines

A detailed guide developed by the Finnish Social Science Data Archive aimed at guiding researchers through key steps and considerations taken in proper research data management.

Subjects include data management planning, copyright, informing research participants, processing data, and storing data.

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Building Blocks: Laying the Foundation for a RDM Program

Instruction for research libraries on developing a program of research data management (RDM) services. Instruction is provided for institutions with no program in place, as well as for institutions with existing services that want to expand existing structures into a full RDM program.

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