Portage Webinar: Tech Tools for RDM Showcase

Date: June 16, 2020

Time: 1:00 pm - 2:00pm EDT

Location: Online


Join us for our first “Tech Tools for RDM Showcase.” In this webinar we are featuring new digital tools and apps that enhance the practice of Research Data Management (RDM). Attendees will learn about these new tools and their applications to RDM work.

Data Curation Tool (DCT) (Meghan Goodchild, Queen’s University and Scholars Portal)

As part of the development project funded by CANARIE’s RDM grant program, the Scholars Portal Dataverse team developed and launched the Data Curation Tool (DCT), which allows users to create and edit variable-level metadata for tabular files (e.g., SPSS, R, Excel, CSV), as a modular application launched from within Dataverse. The aims of the DCT are to improve data curation workflows within Dataverse, to improve the ability for data reuse, and to support the application of standards and best practices using the Data Documentation Initiative (DDI) metadata standard.

Radiam (Alex Garnett, Simon Fraser University)

Radiam is a centralized searchable metadata index for the distributed data of a research project created during active data collection and processing. It enables researchers to manage, organize, and discover their research group’s data. It provides a project level metadata index of research data, regardless of where that data is stored.

DataSeer (Dr. Tim Vines, DataSeer)

Not enough research data gets shared, either with reviewers during peer review, or at publication. Even journals with a strong data sharing policy struggle to ensure that authors have provided all their data. DataSeer uses AI to flag sentences describing data collection, works out the type of data, and provides up-to-date best-practice on how those data can be shared. We’re a cost-effective and scalable solution to enforcing data policies.

About the Presenters:

Meghan Goodchild is the Research Data Management Systems Librarian at Queen’s University and Scholars Portal of the Ontario Council of University Libraries (OCUL). In her role, her time is split between developing research data infrastructure locally at Queen’s and collaborating on initiatives that support OCUL as a whole. Meghan represents Queen’s and Scholars Portal on working groups for the Canadian Association of Research Libraries (CARL)’s Portage Network, including the Dataverse North Working Group. She holds a Master of Information Studies (MISt) and a PhD in Music Theory from McGill University.

Alex Garnett is Research Data Management and Systems Librarian at SFU, where he works on preserving old floppy disks, digitizing old films, archiving websites, maintaining research data repositories, and yelling at clouds (we have a lot of clouds here).

Dr Tim Vines moved from evolutionary biology research to journal management in 2008. He ran the journal Molecular Ecology for seven years, where he went through numerous different approaches to enforcing their data sharing policy, and was involved in the early development of the Dryad repository. He then founded the independent peer review service Axios Review before joining Origin Editorial as a consultant and managing editor. He has been actively developing DataSeer since November 2018.

This webinar will be presented in English and recorded. Engagement during the webinar in both official languages is welcomed. Previous webinar recordings are available on the CARL YouTube Channel. Links to the recordings and slides can also be found on Portage Training Resources.

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