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Webinar: Initiation au choix d’un dépôt de données de recherche

Date: March 19, 2020

Time: 14:00

Location: Online


This webinar is intended for reference librarians who have little (or no) knowledge of research data management, and who would like to equip themselves to better support graduate students and faculty with questions concerning research data.

Offered through GT-GDR of BCI, it will be presented by Danielle Dennie, Librarian at Concordia University, and has been organized in collaboration with Dominique Papin from l'Université du Québec, and Manon Du Ruisseau, from Polytechnique Montréal.

It will be offered through Zoom. Connection information will be distributed during the week of March 16. 

For any questions, please contact dominique.papin@uquebec.ca

Please note, this webinar will be held in French.

Research Data Management for Digitally-Curious Humanists

Start date: June 6, 2020

End date: June 7, 2020

Location: University of Victoria, Victoria, BC


The University of Victoria Libraries and Electronic Textual Cultures Lab are pleased to announce that registration is now open for the SSHRC-funded event: Research Data Management for Digitally-Curious Humanists

Join keynote speaker, Miriam Posner, and colleagues from across the Humanities during the middle-weekend of DHSI (https://dhsi.org/) to discuss and identify unique considerations for managing “humanities research data”. Participants will have the opportunity to connect with data management specialists, and to gain hands-on experience developing a data management plan.

Participate in a community-building forum, featuring presentations from leading researchers and round-table discussions.

Topics include:

·         What is—and is not—appropriate to be considered as “humanities data”?
·         Challenges of working with other researchers’ data vs. creating your own data
·         Challenges with the sustainability of humanities data
·         Library and other stakeholder roles in supporting humanities-based data management
·         Taking the funding realities of humanities research into account with RDM
·         Ethics protocols around using, storing, and publishing humanities data

Anxious about submitting a data management plan to the Tri-Agency?

Day 2  will take shape as a workshop, giving researchers the dedicated time and space to start writing a data management plan. Research data management specialists will be on site to facilitate discussions and problem-solving. (Participation in this workshop is limited)

National Data Services Framework (NDSF)

Start date: February 5, 2020

End date: February 6, 2020

Location: Brookstreet Hotel, Ottawa, ON


Registration is now open! National Data Services Framework Summit 2020

To support sustainable and effective research data stewardship in Canada, RDC is pleased to continue the discussion to build a National Data Services Framework (NDSF). The NDSF Summit is a forum where the Canadian research community can learn, collaborate, exchange ideas, and discuss common issues, with a goal of developing a shared understanding of the current data management landscape and recommendations for future initiatives.

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