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Portage Webinar – for Research Data Managers

Date: January 20, 2021

Time: 1pm ET

Location: Online

Data Managers are currently investigating the value proposition of (SDO) with a lightweight implementation that couples the SDO vocabulary with indexing Google Dataset Search. This pathway essentially ‘webifies’ dataset search and syndication and enhances dataset discovery. This Webinar’s aim is to highlight current initiatives within the Research Data Management (RDM) community and the work currently being completed relating with SDO. To begin, we will introduce the ITO’s for Research Data Managers: a Primer, which leads into the current resources available in the RDM community including the crosswalks collected by the Research Data Alliances (RDA) Research Metadata Schemas Working Group and their user friendly crosswalk visualizations, and finishing off with a synopsis of ESIP’s SDO science-on-schema community extension.


Chantelle Verhey, Research Associate at World Data System-International Technology Office.
Chantelle has a Masters of Science in Environmental Management from the University of Reading in the UK, and was dedicated to researching forest fire trends in the Canadian Boreal Forest. After her research was completed, Chantelle moved on to work at the University of Waterloo as a Data Manager for the Polar Data Catalogue. Now, she is combining her research and work experience to investigate the usefulness of implementation as it attempts to open the discovery of datasets to a much broader audience.

Adam Shepherd, Technical Director for the Biological and Chemical Oceanography Data Management Office at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Adam Shepherd has worked at WHOI as a software developer since 2000. In 2019, he co-founded for helping the science data community describe their datasets for search engines. He serves as chair of the cluster for the Earth Science Information Partners and as co-chair of the Research Metadata Schemas Working Group for the Research Data Alliance. Currently, his work focuses on data semantics for urban flooding forecast prediction and improved discovery and reuse of ocean science data.

The webinar will be presented in English and recorded. Engagement during the webinar in both official languages is welcomed. Previous webinar recordings are available on the CARL YouTube Channel. Links to the recordings and slides can also be found on Portage Training Resources.

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