Research Data Management for Digitally-Curious Humanists

Date de début : 6 Juin 2020

Date de fin : 7 Juin 2020

Lieu: University of Victoria, Victoria, BC


The University of Victoria Libraries and Electronic Textual Cultures Lab are pleased to announce that registration is now open for the SSHRC-funded event: Research Data Management for Digitally-Curious Humanists

Join keynote speaker, Miriam Posner, and colleagues from across the Humanities during the middle-weekend of DHSI ( to discuss and identify unique considerations for managing “humanities research data”. Participants will have the opportunity to connect with data management specialists, and to gain hands-on experience developing a data management plan.

Participate in a community-building forum, featuring presentations from leading researchers and round-table discussions.

Topics include:

·         What is—and is not—appropriate to be considered as “humanities data”?
·         Challenges of working with other researchers’ data vs. creating your own data
·         Challenges with the sustainability of humanities data
·         Library and other stakeholder roles in supporting humanities-based data management
·         Taking the funding realities of humanities research into account with RDM
·         Ethics protocols around using, storing, and publishing humanities data

Anxious about submitting a data management plan to the Tri-Agency?

Day 2  will take shape as a workshop, giving researchers the dedicated time and space to start writing a data management plan. Research data management specialists will be on site to facilitate discussions and problem-solving. (Participation in this workshop is limited)

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