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Curation Expert Group

Curation involves the processes, practices, techniques, and tools used to improve the quality of data and metadata, to make data transportable across systems, to facilitate dissemination and reuse, and to enable interoperability with other data sources. The Curation Expert Group (CEG) works to identify, evaluate, and promote best practices in preparing data and metadata for research, dissemination, and preservation in Canada.

Current projects being undertaken by the CEG include:

  • Developing a central, community-supported resource for data curation information, guidance, and reference materials.
  • In collaboration with the Portage Training Expert Group, identifying curation training needs across Canada and organizing training resources and events to address them.
  • Collaborating with the FRDR development team to streamline and automate curation tasks for datasets submitted to the repository.
  • Realizing the vision of a national approach to data curation services, support, and network development in Canada articulated in the Canadian Data Curation Forum Report.
  • Through its Dataverse Curation Guide Working Group (DVCGWG), developing a set of basic documentation and reference materials that communicate best (and “good enough”) practices for curating datasets in Dataverse.

Terms of Reference for the Curation Expert Group

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Dataverse Curation Guide Working Group

With support from, and reporting to, the Curation Expert Group, the Dataverse Curation Guide Working Group is developing a best practices resource for curating datasets in Dataverse. Beginning in May 2020 and working over a 12-month period, the Working Group will perform an environmental scan of existing practices, workflows, and resources, and will synthesize these materials to address the current and future needs of Dataverse curators.

CEG Publications

  • Dataverse Curation Guide. October 2021 PDF
  • Conceptualizing a National Approach to Data Curation Services in Canada. June 2020 PDF
  • Toward a Data Curation Network in Canada: Outcomes of the Canadian Data Curation Forum. February 2020 PDF
  • Brief Guide – Data Curation PDF