Curation Expert Group

Supporting Best Practices in Data and Metadata Curation in Canada

The Curation Expert Group (CEG) is working with Portage to identify, evaluate, and promote best practices in preparing data and metadata for research, dissemination, and preservation in Canada. Curation involves the practices, techniques, and tools to improve the quality of data and metadata, to make the data transportable across systems, to facilitate its dissemination and reuse, and to enable its interoperability with other data sources.

The purpose of the Curation Expert Group (CEG) is to advise Portage on best practices for curating research data (i) within research projects and (ii) at the data repository level (which may be supported by a university, a regional consortium, a discipline, a national service, or an international organization). This group will also work to identify data workflows that incorporate RDM best practices and standards and that employ automated methods supporting the production of quality data and metadata both in research and in preservation.

Members of CEG are working to advance understanding of research data curation in the Portage network through the following initiatives:

  • Evaluating and comparing data curation models implemented by existing and developing services to develop a data and metadata curation framework for the Portage Network.  
  • Determining priorities for the promotion and development of data and metadata curation in Canada.  
  • Identifying appropriate standards and tools for research data and metadata that apply to research projects, data dissemination, and data preservation.
  • Identifying gaps across the lifecycle where practices, standards, and tools are missing to support curation; and communicating identified gaps to the broader community with recommendations for improvement.
  • Collaborating with infrastructure providers to develop data curation workflows that incorporate the best practices, standards and tools identified.
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