Data Repositories Expert Group

Data repositories are recognized as foundational to good research data management. The Canadian data repository landscape is rich and diverse, with over 200 data repositories in operation at national, regional, and local/institutional levels. The Data Repositories Expert Group (DREG) brings together representatives from key repository stakeholder communities to provide high-level coordination for platform-specific working groups and to foster a broad and cohesive approach to repository development in Canada.

Current areas of interest include repository certification and national repository infrastructure.

Terms of Reference for the Data Repositories Expert Group

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FRDR User Experience and Training Group

The FRDR User Experience and Training Working Group focuses on the user-experience side of the Federated Research Data Repository (FRDR) service by providing feedback on, and suggestions for, the improvement of the front-end design, user-facing documentation, training materials, and informational and promotional materials.

DREG Publications