Data Repository Expert Group

The Canadian data repository landscape is rich and diverse, with 215 data repositories in operation at national, regional, and local/institutional levels. Data repositories are many and varied, but can be categorized broadly as generalist (i.e. accepting any and all types of research data), domain-specific (i.e. purpose-built to serve specialized disciplinary needs), and government (i.e. pertaining to data collected by government, including federal or provincial agencies and departments, as well as municipalities).

Currently, two general repositories have been supported by Portage through platform-specific working groups (Dataverse North and the Federated Research Data Repository). This approach has been effective in achieving and promoting targeted developments for these national, multidisciplinary repositories, but does not address concerns about ‘repository silos’ that may  make cohesive approaches difficult. To address these concerns, Portage aims to reach out to and work with other repositories doing excellent work in this space, particularly within the domains.

Reporting to the Portage Secretariat, the Data Repositories Expert Group (DREG) will convene selected representatives from key repository stakeholder communities to provide high-level coordination for platform-specific working groups and to bring a broad and cohesive approach to repository development in Canada.

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