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Dataverse North Working Group

Dataverse is open source data repository software which allows researchers, journals, and institutions to better manage research data. The Dataverse North Working Group is contributing to a community of practice for libraries using or interested in using the Dataverse repository platform for research data in Canada. Its goal is to bring together Dataverse providers and libraries to coordinate and discuss local and national training, support services, outreach strategies, promotions, and infrastructure development and needs. The group is also investigating gaps and opportunities that could be addressed by nationally coordinated strategies and services for Dataverse, including training, infrastructure development, support for researchers and libraries, and hosting services provided by regional Dataverse providers.

Current areas of interest include the development of instructional materials and metadata guidance for librarians and researchers. The Dataverse North Metadata Best Practices Guide offers general guidance on data citation, and includes discipline-specific examples across a range of areas including geospatial data. The Dataverse North WG is also helping to develop a policy framework for Scholars Portal Dataverse, including a set of templates that can be adopted or modified for use by other data repositories.

Terms of Reference for the Dataverse North Working Group

To become a member, please complete the Portage Expression of Interest Form.

Dataverse Policy Group

This group works to develop draft policies that can be adopted by Dataverse providers across Canada and around the world. The group examines examples of policy from international repositories, and makes recommendations for draft policies around collection and retention, information security, and more.

Dataverse Training Group

This group works with the Portage National Training Expert Group to identify desirable types of Dataverse training for various audiences, to gather and propose models for sharing existing materials, and to assess and evaluate Dataverse as a tool for different types of data.

Dataverse Metadata Group

This group works to provide recommendations for metadata templates, create recommendations for labeling, describing and organizing files, and provide recommendations for DOIs and other unique identifiers.

DNWG Publications

  • Dataverse North Metadata Best Practices Guide v 3.0. November 2021 PDF
  • Dataverse North Metadata Best Practices Guide v 2.0. February 2020 PDF
  • Repository Options in Canada: A Portage Guide. June 2019 PDF
  • Dataverse North Working Group: Year 1 Recommendations. March 2018 PDF
  • Recommendations for a National Dataverse Service. February 2018 PDF
  • Primer – Dataverse PDF
  • Brief Guide – Dataverse PDF