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Data Management Planning Expert Group

Data management planning is recognized as one of the key pillars of research data management. The Data Management Planning Expert Group (DMPEG) works to promote and nurture a strong data culture in Canada. The DMPEG develops and makes available guidelines, best practices, and content in support of templates and guidance materials (e.g., exemplars) for the Portage national DMP service, DMP Assistant. This expert group also contributes to the development of standards underlying the structure and management of DMP Assistant templates and the exchange of DMP information to facilitate its sharing and reuse. The DMPEG’s work ultimately

  • facilitates the sharing of research administrative information across research organizations and agencies;
  • improves coordination among local and national research service organizations; and
  • reduces administrative burden on researchers.

Current areas of interest include

  • Developing discipline- and methodology-specific DMP templates (categories, questions, and guidance) to be implemented through DMP Assistant;
  • Developing Exemplar DMPs and other guidance and training resources to assist researchers in developing high quality DMPs;
  • Developing and implementing a DMP repository where researchers can deposit, curate, discover, and access Canadian DMPs; and
  • Supporting the ongoing development and sustainability of the DMP Assistant platform and service, including identifying and recommending new features to support both administrators and end users.

Terms of Reference for the DMP Expert Group

To become a member, please complete the Portage Expression of Interest Form.

DMP Assistant Steering Committee

The DMP Assistant Steering Committee has been established to provide essential guidance, support, and advisement, for the overall development, delivery, capacity and sustainability of the DMP Assistant.

DMP Assistant Institutional Customization Guide Working Group

The DMP Assistant Institutional Customization Guide Working Group will develop a guide to assist institutions and administrators with customizing the content and appearance of DMP Assistant 2.0 to meet their institutional needs. Terms of Reference.

DMP Assistant Tutorial Video Working Group

The DMP Assistant Tutorial Video Working Group will develop the content for brief tutorial videos to guide researchers and other end users through accessing and using DMP Assistant 2.0. Terms of Reference.

Exemplar DMPs Review and Development Working Group

The purpose of this group is to work with members of the Portage community to develop exemplar data management plans from a variety of disciplines, in English and French, and to ensure the exemplars represent best practices in data management planning.

DMPEG Publications


  • Research Data Management Collaboration on Campus: Queen’s University Case Study, presented by Jeff Moon, Portage Director. May 2017. Slides PDF Notes PDF