Network of Expertise

The Portage Network of Expertise is developing resources, expert advice, and practical help to assist with the management of research data at any stage throughout the data lifecycle. This expertise will be available in both English and French to anyone working in a Canadian university or research institution wanting to plan, manage, store, protect, share, and preserve digital research data.

Those providing assistance will be front-line support staff in libraries and data centres at Canadian universities, with the aim of building capacity and knowledge in these communities. In cases where an institution has no such support, help will be provided directly to a research team or individual researcher.

Portage has launched, or is in the process of launching, several Expert Groups to contribute to the development and maintenance of resources and expert advice. In addition, a Council of Chairs, made up of the chairs of all the expert groups, provides communication and continuity across the Expert Groups.


Council of Chairs

The group, which brings together the chairs of all the functioning expert groups, is an organizational mechanism that supports the integrated operation of the Portage Network of Expertise, including goal setting for both the short and longer term. The Terms of Reference for this group are available here.


Portage Expert Groups


About the Portage Network of Expertise

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