Collections Development Working Group

The Collections Development Working Group will primarily work to define the scope of resources to include in the Federated Research Data Repository (FRDR), and, facilitate the relationships between researchers, data curators, various repositories, libraries, archives, research organizations, government, and academic institutions with participating in the FRDR.

Statement of Work

Consultation with repositories and data curators:

  • Seek out and coordinate interested Canadian repositories for pilot participation and inclusion in the national FRDR;
  • Coordinate a call for expressions of interest to repositories listed in the NRC/CISTI registry;
  • Through a consultation process, identify the criteria through which repositories will be selected for inclusion in the FRDR search index (disciplinary, institutional, etc).

Collections Development:

  • Provide a recommendation about types of datasets submitted to the FRDR search index (submitted by researchers or managed by data curators) and appropriate levels of support for these datasets;
  • Plan for and decide on specific collection scope issues such as the inclusion or exclusion of open government and open cities datasets;
  • Plan for and develop a workflow for addressing the issues of data duplication, multiple DOIs, and metadata duplication.

Please see the full Terms of Reference for the Collections Development Working Group

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