Metadata Working Group

The Metadata Working Group will primarily work to define the scope of metadata standards and metadata considerations for the development of the Federated Research Data Repository (FRDR).  This will include evaluating existing metadata mappings, crosswalks, ontologies, etc. for research data.  Defining a core set of metadata fields or concepts for discovery, establishment of indexing for different purposes (e.g. searching, facets, browsing), and, communicating recommendations (either programmatically or through some other means) to researchers, curators, and providers about metadata standards, best practices, and licensing, across a wide range of disciplines. MWG will also work to evaluate and recommend mechanisms for linking datasets to other scholarly outputs available on the web using authoritative sources.

Statement of Work 

  • Work with interested Canadian repositories to develop a core set list of metadata standards in use for data in Canada;
  • Establish a set list of elements for discovery in the FRDR;
  • Develop a flexible mechanism for mapping varying standards to FRDR to support granular dataset level discovery;
  • Explore options for ingesting, enhancing, and exposing FRDR metadata as linked data;
  • Develop a framework for linking and associating research data metadata submitted to FRDR to related resources on the web (e.g. CrossRef, SHARE, DataCite, etc.)

Please see the Terms of Reference for the Metadata Working Group.

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