Canadian RDM Survey Consortium


Several Canadian universities have committed to working together, using a common survey instrument to gather information about their respective researcher communities and generate a richer understanding of their users’ RDM practices and attitudes.

Faced with looming changes in Canadian funding requirements around data sharing, data preservation and the submission of data management plans, librarians at these institutions are collaborating to better understand both national and local needs, as well as to generate a richer understanding of disciplinary practices by generating comparative data for cross analysis.

The librarians involved in this study believe that understanding researcher behaviour and scientific workflow is fundamental for data and information services development, and that various solutions at several levels (national, regional, institutional) will need to be implemented to better serve the academic research community. The results of their research is intended to support funders, service providers, and institutions, in developing such solutions.*

The Portage Research Intelligence Expert Group (RIEG) is committed to maintaining a clearing house for documentation generated and collected during this process.

*Background text is adapted with permission from Research Data Management (RDM) Needs of Science and Engineering Researchers: A View from Canada and From Coast to Coast: Canadian Collaboration in a Changing RDM Seascape, both by C. Sewerin, E. Barsky, D. Dearborn, A. Henshilwood, C. Hwang, S. Keys, M. Mitchell, M. Spence, K. Szigeti, and T. Zaraiskaya.

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