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Council of Chairs

The Council of Chairs brings together the Chairs of all the active Expert and Working Groups, as well as key Portage staff. Its focus is to support the integrated operation of the Portage Network of Experts, including short and long term goal setting. 

Terms of Reference for the Council of Chairs


  • Ernie Boyko, Canadian National Committee of CODATA, National Training Expert Group
  • Jay Brodeur, McMaster University – Curation Expert Group
  • Alexandra Cooper, Queen’s University – Research Intelligence Expert Group
  • Corey Davis, University of Victoria – Preservation Expert Group
  • James Doiron, University of Alberta – Data Management Planning Expert Group
  • Heather Ganshorn, University of Calgary – Data Management Planning Expert Group
  • John Huck, University of Alberta – Dataverse North Working Group
  • Jeff Moon, Portage Director
  • Maggie Neilson, Acadia University – Data Management Planning Expert Group
  • Michael Steeleworthy, Wilfrid Laurier University – Curation Expert Group
  • Kevin Read, University of Saskatchewan – Discovery and Metadata Expert Group
  • Nick Rochlin, University of British Columbia – National Training Expert Group
  • Lori Walker, Brock University / CAREB – Sensitive Data Expert Group
  • Bo Wandschneider, University of Toronto – Data Repositories Expert Group
  • Lee Wilson – Portage Service Manager
  • Rachel Zand, University of Toronto / CAREB – Sensitive Data Expert Group