Preservation Expert Group

Supporting Canadian Infrastructure Development for the Long-Term Stewardship of Research Data and Metadata

The purpose of the Preservation Expert Group (PEG) is to advise Portage on developing research data management (RDM) infrastructure and best practices for preserving research data and metadata. This includes participation in software development projects that add platforms and preservation services to the RDM infrastructure in Canada. This group also monitors and advises Portage in its participation in regional and national initiatives to provide key components of preservation infrastructure. This includes identifying gaps for which Portage will seek partnerships to address.

Members of PEG are working to advance Portage’s capacity to develop RDM infrastructure and engage with relevant stakeholders by undertaking the following:

  • Evaluating the current RDM infrastructure in Canada for data preservation and identifying the completeness of functional services that exist, that are being developed, and that are missing.
  • Participating in RDM infrastructure projects in which Portage has a partnership through a CARL memorandum of understanding or agreement.
  • Identifying potential developments and partnerships in which Portage can engage to increase the functional requirements for RDM preservation infrastructure in Canada.
  • Proposing development projects for which partners will be sought to add functionality to the RDM preservation infrastructure in Canada.
Expert Group Members
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