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Preservation Expert Group

The preservation of research data is essential to ensure that it remains accessible and usable in the long term. The purpose of the Preservation Expert Group (PEG) is to advance Portage’s capacity in developing infrastructure and best practices for preserving research data and metadata. This includes working with relevant stakeholders on software development projects that add platforms and preservation services to the RDM infrastructure in Canada. PEG also monitors and advises Portage in its participation in regional and national initiatives to provide key components of preservation infrastructure, as well as working to maintain and foster a community of practice for research data preservation in Canada.

Current areas of interest include working with other Portage Expert Groups to increase awareness of preservation issues, liaising with FRDR and Scholars Portal Dataverse on preservation functionality in repositories, and working with FRDR, SciNet, Scholars Portal, and University of Toronto Libraries on a preservation pipeline project that will facilitate researcher access to a robust long-term digital preservation environment.

Terms of Reference for the Preservation Expert Group

To become a member, please complete the Portage Expression of Interest Form.

PEG Publications

  • Preservation for Dataverse in Canada: Recommendations Report. June 2021 PDF
  • Research Data Preservation in Canada. May 2018 PDF