Research Intelligence Expert Group

Supporting the Evidence-Based Development of Best Practices in Research Data Management in Canada

The Research Intelligence Expert Group (RIEG) is working to gather evidence to guide the development of best practices in research data management (RDM) in Canada, and inform stakeholder communities about arising issues in related policy and practices. In order to provide Portage with this intelligence, the group is developing a high-level roadmap for RDM in Canada that identifies topics needing new knowledge and information, and will oversees working groups responsible for specific studies addressing these gaps.

The purpose of the Research Intelligence Expert Group (RIEG) is to 1) develop and maintain a high-level roadmap for research about RDM in Canada and to 2) organize and oversee working groups to gather evidence and prepare reports on these topics.

The group will work to define the RDM landscape in Canada on many fronts through the following actions:

  • Develop a roadmap that identifies gaps in our knowledge about research data management practices, developments, culture, and policies in Canada.
  • Based on the roadmap, design a series of independent studies to gather evidence on these RDM gaps. Studies requiring resources will be presented to the Portage Steering Committee or key RDM stakeholders for support.
  • Organize working groups to conduct studies.
  • Propose recommendations to the Portage Steering Committee based on the evidence produced from the studies that have been conducted.  
  • Maintain a section of the Portage website dedicated to the findings from the studies conducted by the Expert Group.
Expert Group Members
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