Research Intelligence Expert Group

Supporting the Evidence-Based Development of Best Practices in Research Data Management in Canada

The Research Intelligence Expert Group (RIEG) gathers evidence to guide the development of best practices in Research Data Management (RDM) in Canada, and informs stakeholder communities about existing and arising issues in related policies and practices.

The purpose of RIEG is to:
 1) Assess the current information environment in Canada through the development of a high-level roadmap evaluating existing research on a range of topics related to RDM;
 2) Organize and oversee working groups to gather evidence and prepare reports on identified topics. 

The group is exploring and cultivating the RDM information landscape in Canada through the following actions:

  • Overseeing a roadmap that identifies gaps in our knowledge about RDM practices, developments, culture, and policies in Canada.
  • Conducting and analyzing results from independent studies designed to gather evidence on identified knowledge gaps.
  • Providing evidence-based recommendations to Portage.
  • Maintaining a section of the Portage website dedicated to reporting findings from studies conducted by the Expert Group.
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