Responsible RDM Practices for Sensitive Data Working Group

The collection, analysis, use, and reuse of research data takes place in a complex legal, policy, and societal context involving privacy, intellectual property rights, commercial concerns, and other key ethical issues. Recognizing this complex landscape as a key challenge for coordinated and effective research data management (RDM), Portage has formed the Responsible RDM Practices for Sensitive Data Working Group (Terms of Reference forthcoming).

The Working Group has been deliberately composed of a broad membership from research communities with direct interests in this subject, who will work together to develop practical guidance and tools for the management of sensitive research data in the Canadian landscape. This work will help Portage and other organizations develop both practical and policy responses to the RDM needs of Canadian researchers and will contribute to the expertise of the broader RDM community of practice in Canada.

The Working Group will contribute their collective expertise to the development of practical resources and tools to help a range of stakeholders, including researchers, administrators, librarians, and policy makers, to better understand the importance of responsible research data management practices, particularly for the use of sensitive data.

Working Group Members
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