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Sensitive Data Expert Group

The collection, analysis, use, and reuse of research data takes place in a complex legal, policy, and societal context involving privacy, intellectual property rights, commercial concerns, working with Indigenous communities and data, and other key ethical issues. The Responsible RDM Practices for Sensitive Data Working Group is composed of a broad membership from research communities – including research ethics professionals, representatives of funding agencies, and members of Indigenous organizations – with direct interests in this subject. The group works together to develop practical guidance and tools for the management of sensitive research data in the Canadian landscape. This work helps Portage and other organizations develop both practical and policy responses to the RDM needs of Canadian researchers and contributes to the expertise of the broader RDM community of practice in Canada.

Current areas of interest include

  • Developing materials to assist researchers in understanding the impacts of research ethics on research data management, including a glossary of terminology, a risk matrix, and examples of deposit-friendly language for consent forms.
  • Supporting the development of DMP templates for use in research contexts related to Indigenous peoples and communities.

Terms of Reference for the Sensitive Data Expert Group

For more information about this group, or to become a member, contact portage@carl-abrc.ca.

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