Summary of Portage Outreach Activities: May and June 2017

July 10 2017 – Portage has been engaged in various outreach activities as part of a busy summer schedule promoting research data management (RDM) to member institutions of the Canadian Association of Research Libraries (CARL) and other RDM stakeholders.

In early May, the Portage Director presented the keynote address at the University of Alberta RDM Week and spoke about Portage developing a Canadian community of practice to support local campuses in their delivery of research data services. Later in May, he met with members of the York University RDM Working Group in a round table discussion and gave a public presentation on Portage and RDM to York University’s researchers, librarians, and administrators. Also in the same month, at the Canadian Health Libraries Association he taught a half-day continuing education course on data management plans to participants from academic and hospital libraries. In June, Dalhousie University Libraries hosted the Director where he participated in a round table discussion with representatives from the research services, ethics, and Vice-President Research offices, as well as the libraries. He also made a public presentation on the shared stewardship of research data to Dalhousie staff.

Portage has also been represented at a number of conferences involving stakeholders in the Canadian RDM realm. For instance, Jeff Moon (Chair of the Portage Data Management Planning Expert Group) and the Portage Director were members of a panel that discussed collaboration between research service offices and libraries at the annual conference of the Canadian Association of Research Administrators in Winnipeg, MB. Jane Fry, Carol Perry, and James Doiron, experts with the Portage Training Group, spoke at a session on national infrastructure initiatives at the International Association for Social Science Information Services and Technology conference in the U.S. The Portage Director also represented Portage on panel discussions at the CASRAI Reconnect Canada conference in Montreal, QC and at the High Performance Computing Symposium in Kingston, ON. Most recently, the Portage Director and Mark Leggott, Executive Director at Research Data Canada, co-chaired a successful RDM breakout session at the Leadership Council for Digital Research Infrastructure (LCDRI) Summit in Toronto, ON, which provided an opportunity to discuss a position paper on RDM with a variety of interested stakeholders. This paper, along with some other LCDRI position statements, will be packaged and presented to the federal government at the end of August.

Looking ahead to the rest of the summer, the Portage Director will be forming a cross-stakeholder working group to prepare guidance materials on institutional strategies for research data management. He will also complete the terms of reference for another cross-stakeholder group that will develop extended data management plan guidelines for the ethical treatment of research data. He is also working with Sally Rutherford, Executive Director of the Canadian Association of Graduate Studies, to develop a RDM train-the-trainers workshop for graduate students. Finally, he is looking forward to spending some time with a new grandson born on July 5th.

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