Portage Council of Chairs Hold Inaugural Meeting

OTTAWA, July 20, 2016. – The Portage Network’s Council of Chairs held their inaugural in-person meeting earlier this month in Toronto.


The Portage Council of Chairs consists of the Chairs of all active expert groups. Currently these focus on data management planning, curation, preservation, discovery, research intelligence, and training. These Chairs, along with the Portage Director, the Executive Director of CARL, CARL’s Research Associate, and the President of CARL, met on Friday, July 8, 2016 in the Gerstein Science Information Centre at the University of Toronto. Discussions covered a review of Portage accomplishments over the past year, plans for each expert group going into 2017, and budget items associated with each group’s planned activities.

More information about the Council is available on the Portage website.

Portage is a national research data management initiative to assist researchers and other research data management stakeholders through a library-based network of expertise on RDM and national platforms for planning, preserving, and discovering research data. Portage is managed by the Canadian Association of Research Libraries (CARL).

For more information, please contact Chuck Humphrey, Portage Director, Canadian Association of Research Libraries (chuck.humphrey@ualberta.ca).

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