Portage is Hiring (Various Positions)

Launched by the Canadian Association of Research Libraries (CARL), the Portage Network contributes to national data management through stewardship platforms, services, tools, outreach and training. We are pleased to be adding new strategic positions to the current Portage team as follows:

  • Data Management Planning Coordinator PDF
  • Policy, Privacy, and Sensitive Data Coordinator PDF
  • Research Intelligence and Assessment Coordinator PDF
  • Curation Officer (3 positions available) PDF

The Coordinator positions will support and advance the work of existing national expert groups, focusing on sensitive data management, researcher intelligence gathering,  and data management planning, while the Curation Officers will help deliver nationally coordinated curation support.

These positions are funded through a federal contribution under the recently-signed agreement between New Digital Research Infrastructure Organization (NDRIO) and CARL. They will be filled through either a secondment of a qualified individual from a Canadian academic institution or through a direct hire.

Please follow the links provided above for full position descriptions and application process.

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