Portage Network Releases White Paper on Research Data Management Training in Canada

OTTAWA, February 10, 2017 ­— The Portage Network has just released a white paper entitled Research Data Management Training Landscape in Canada, written by members of the Portage Research Data Management (RDM) Training Expert Group: James Doiron (University of Alberta), Jane Fry (Carleton University), Danny Létourneau (Université de Montréal), Laure Perrier (University of Toronto), Carol Perry (University of Guelph), and Wendy Watkins (Carleton University, retired).

The Portage RDM Training Expert Group (TEG) was created to oversee the creation of online training materials relating to research data management.

Through this paper, the TEG investigates strategic directions for RDM professional development that will address part of the academic library community’s response to Tri-Agency expectations as expressed in The Tri-Agency Statement of Principles on Digital Data Management. In providing a national outlook, the TEG’s central focus is to integrate the expertise of the research data management community with other research stakeholders and to collaborate in training initiatives within the broader RDM community.

This white paper aims to provide a high-level perspective on RDM training by answering three fundamental questions.

1.     What is the current RDM expertise landscape in Canada?
2.     Does Canada have the capacity to meet the demand for training?
3.     How can Portage help increase Canadian RDM expertise through training and other means?

The full white paper is available in both official languages from the Portage website:

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About Portage:
Portage is a national research data management initiative to assist researchers and other research data management stakeholders through a library-based network of expertise on RDM and national platforms for planning, preserving, and discovering research data. Portage is managed by the Canadian Association of Research Libraries (CARL).

Jane Fry, Chair, Portage Training Expert Group

Chuck Humphrey, Portage Director, Canadian Association of Research Libraries


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