Portage Progress Report: Spring 2018

July 19, 2018 – The Portage progress report for the second quarter of 2018 is now available. It summarizes Portage activities and accomplishments corresponding to the goals outlined in the Portage Business Plan: 2017-2018 and provides an update on Portage operations and communications undertaken in this period.

Read the progress report in English or in French.

Highlights from this reporting period include:

  • The release of the Preservation Expert Group’s White Paper, Research Data Preservation in Canada.
  • Portage submissions to the CANARIE RDM funding call.
  • Progress made on version 2.0 of the DMP Assistant.
  • FRDR’s repository services are being offered to a growing list of Canadian researchers.
  • Work towards a national instance of Dataverse (as proposed by Dataverse North’s Business Models Sub-Group).
  • Working Group on Responsible RDM Practices for Sensitive Data establishes three sub-groups.
  • Portage response to the Tri-Agency RDM Policy Consultation.
  • Portage and Compute Canada work to develop a common and collaborative vision of ARC and RDM within the realm of DRI to share with ISED.


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