Webinars, DMP Exemplars, and Online Learning

As services continue to move online and people work and collaborate remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic, Portage would like to show continued support for the RDM community through new and existing initiatives:

  • New series of free RDM webinars
  • New DMP Exemplars
  • Online training resources

The new webinar series will cover a range of topics relating to RDM, the work of Portage, new developments within the community, and special areas of interest as they emerge. Our hope is that these webinars will not only provide the broader research community with opportunities to learn from and engage with colleagues but will also ease some of the challenges related to connecting and interacting professionally during these difficult times. These webinars will be recorded for future viewing and posted to our Training Resources page as they become available. New webinars will be posted under Events, with links to registration.

The DMP Expert Group’s Exemplars Working Group has worked hard on a set of DMP Exemplars, which have been published on the Portage Training Resources page (in English; French translations coming soon!). These exemplars cover a range of disciplines and research methods, highlight best practices for DMPs in those disciplines, and provide a reference point for researchers writing their own DMPs.

We are actively seeking DMPs from other disciplines – particularly those that intersect with any aspect of COVID-19 research.  More information will be provided soon, but in the meantime, don’t hesitate to contact us if you are involved in COVID-19 research projects on your campus.

The Training Expert Group is continuing its work to identify and develop online training resources to help the community to better understand best practices and enhance skills in research data management. Portage Training Resources include bilingual guides, primers, and publications, as well as an External Training Resource Library, which includes carefully selected online learning resources that are self-paced and free of charge.  We are also collaborating with the broader data management community to gather COVID-19 related resources — including sources of data/statistics on COVID-19 and RDM-related resources/links. A recent Portage videoconference convened over 60 participants to discuss challenges and gather ideas and resources to help address the COVID-19 pandemic.

We hope that these resources will provide tools and opportunities to build community, enhance knowledge, and support RDM related activities. Wherever possible, Portage will continue to participate in events that have either been postponed or moved to a virtual format. You can also join the discussion on Twitter and stay up to date on Portage and the RDM community @portageCARLABRC

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