Research Data Repositories

A range of repository platforms currently exist or are in development for storing research data produced within Canadian research institutions.

When selecting a repository, it is important to keep in mind the FAIR guiding principles (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable).

Discipline-Based Solutions

Reputable, discipline-specific repositories already exist in many research domains. is an online registry of data repositories, which can be searched according to subject, content type and country. Find a list of Canadian research data repositories.

Institutional and Regional Solutions

Individual institutions or regions may also host their own data repositories – for example, a Dataverse account or institutional repository.

Subject librarians at your institution may be able to provide for further assistance. Contact information for university libraries that have dedicated data management services or librarians is available here.

National Solutions

Portage and Compute Canada are developing the Federated Research Data Repository Platform (FRDR), which will address a longstanding gap in Canada’s research infrastructure by providing a national repository option for research data ingest, curation, preservation, discovery, citation, and appropriate sharing. FRDR will support the deposit of large data files and enable discovery of other connected repositories through a single federated search tool. FRDR is currently in the “Limited Production” development stage. Major updates for this initiative will be posted on the brochure site and you can keep track of all updates on the FRDR Change Log.

Portage’s Dataverse North Working Group is currently exploring options for developing a single, national Dataverse instance in Canada. Updates on this initiative will be made available on the Portage website.

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