Communities of Practice

The research data management landscape consists of a variety of stakeholder communities. This milieu is often characterised as an ecosystem because of the interdependencies among stakeholders to establish a productive environment for research. The ever increasing pressures of research data management are driving stakeholders to cooperate and interrelate just to keep pace with the demands for access to high-quality data in research.

These communities are all engaged in some aspect of conducting or supporting research:

  • Researchers are the producers and users of research data, one of the focal constituencies for Portage.
    Portage provides researchers with services and infrastructure platforms to assist them with the management of research data.
  • Librarians and data stewards provide services that support researchers in managing their data during projects; they also provide longer-term care or stewardship of data after research projects are over.
    Portage helps librarians and data stewards support researchers and their institutions by providing high quality research data management services and infrastructure.
  • Service and infrastructure providers provide digital infrastructure supporting research activities, including research data management.
    Portage collaborates with research infrastructure providers to establish best practices for data management in the workflow of researchers and to integrate services supporting research data.
  • Policy makers and administrators support the agenda for research, setting policies around data practices, and helping researchers oversee the administrative tasks of conducting funded research.
    Portage works with senior administrators by helping implement data policies and by contributing to the coordination of management activities across research that reduces the administrative burden on researchers and protects the digital assets of institutions.

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