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The Portage Training Expert Group is developing bilingual training aids and online modules to support a community of practice for research data management.

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External Training Resources

The Portage Training Expert Group has identified and compiled a range of external resources useful for learning and training in the domain of research data management (RDM), which we invite you to browse and explore.

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Featured Resources:

A series of self-directed online modules developed at the University of Edinburgh covering a range of RDM subjects, which target researchers who manage digital data and professionals who support them. Modules provide an introduction to research data, data management plans, organising data, file formats and transformation, documentation and metadata, storage and security, and more.

A series of ten training modules on various subjects relating to RDM, with associated handouts and supporting hands-on exercises. All materials are released under a creative commons license. Topics covered include an introduction on the importance of data management, data sharing, data management planning, data entry and manipulation, quality control, data protection, metadata, data citation, analysis and workflows, and legal and policy issues.

23 (Research Data) Things
A self-directed learning program developed by the Australian National Data Service (ANDS) for audiences from all communities of practice who want to learn more about research data management. Subjects include research data management, the research data lifecycle, metadata, data repositories, and more.

If you have any questions about the resources compiled, please contact us.

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