Dataverse North Working Group

The Dataverse North Working Group will work to develop a community of practice for libraries using or interested in using the Dataverse repository platform for research data in Canada. The Working Group will also investigate gaps and opportunities that could be addressed by nationally coordinated strategies and services for Dataverse, including training, infrastructure development, and support for researchers and libraries, including hosting services provided by regional Dataverse providers.


To develop a community of practice whereby Dataverse providers and libraries can come together to coordinate and discuss local and national infrastructure development and needs, training, support services, outreach strategies, and promotions.

Members of the Dataverse North Working Group may represent existing areas and groups already within the Portage Network, providing key expertise in areas such as data preservation, data discovery, curation, metadata, and training.

Specific responsibilities:

  • Identify areas for technical development of the Dataverse system and key integrations in support of Portage’s overall RDM Framework;
  • Work to establish clear use cases and workflows for RDM, including distributed file storage and preservation in the Dataverse system;
  • Provide project and testing support for tool integrations, including Dataverse – Archivematica integration, Open Journals System, and Open Science Framework integration;
  • Coordinate with the Portage Training Expert Group to develop modular and reusable training to support use of Dataverse;
  • Advocate and promote Dataverse to key stakeholder audiences, including libraries, grant agencies, publishers, and researchers, in coordination with local services;
  • Coordinate and develop a framework for Dataverse hosting and support services for designated libraries or other special interests that do not currently have a place to deposit research data.
  • Explore a common business model to level the access to universities across Canada.

Lead: Lisa Goddard (University of Victoria)

Timeline to begin: April 2017

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