FRDR Service Model Working Group

Terms of Reference for the Portage FRDR Service Model Working Group


Develop a distributed service model for the Federated Research Data Repository (FRDR) that incorporates FRDR as a Portage research data management platform by engaging appropriate Portage expert groups and by supporting a community of practice for the use of FRDR on Canadian campuses.

Specific Responsibilities:

  • Provide recommendations of best practices for a distributed service model for FRDR, including:

    • Curation staffing and on-campus researcher support models  
    • Curation workflows from data ingestion and publication to long-term preservation
  • Review and provide feedback on the current Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and user documentation
  • Help identify priority features required for the service launch and considerations for future development
  • Identify the level and type of training required for local support and use of FRDR


The members will serve for 6 months, starting in August 2017, and report back to the FRDR Steering Committee.

Frequency of Meetings:   


Format of Meetings:

Google Hangouts, by invitation

Record of Meetings:  

Agenda and minutes to be documented in Google Docs or other document management services that support sharing and collaboration.


Lee Wilson, Portage/ACENET

Method of operation:

  • All members are encouraged to identify issues and to propose them as agenda items (with the necessary background/support documentation) for review and discussion;
  • Members are to express opinions openly and respectfully;
  • Members are encouraged to identify any potential threats so that risks can be mitigated.
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